Rent the Farm

Have the Farmyard to yourself!
Available on Mondays from 1pm to 3pm

You can have the ultimate Farmyard experience when you Rent the Farm!

Available on Mondays from 1 to 3pm during the Farmyard season (April – October)

The first hour of Rent the Farm consists of mini golf and time with our 300+ Farmyard friends! One free hay bag per person is included.

The second hour includes a short, interactive presentation in our Discovery Center. Animal Keepers will teach your group about reptiles, birds and small mammals. Afterwards, guests will enjoy quality time with Joseph, our Dromedary camel, as well as other animals of their choosing based on interest and availability.

The cost to Rent the Farm is $250. A $125 deposit is required for booking. The remaining balance will be paid at the time of your visit.