Home Based Support

Home Based Support is funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services and offers a variety of services to help individuals achieve their goals.

Home Based Support Self Direction Assistance offers individuals with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to continue to live with their family or to live semi-independently, with provided supports. Self Direction Assistants can assist the individual, or the individual’s family or representative, to arrange for, direct and manage services.

This can include:

  • Assistance with creating, maintaining and monitoring each client’s annual budget
  • Facilitating services and budget with day program, behavior services and ISC to be as effective as possible
  • Assistance with DRS referrals
  • Assistance with completing annual required documents
  • Assistance with applying for emergency funding or one-time funding items such as adaptive equipment, home/vehicle modifications or assistive technology

This program is funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services. Applications for funding are through your local Pre-Admission Screening Agency. Once individuals have been approved for Home Based funding, they can contact Lambs Farm about providing Self Direction Assistance. For more information, please email Director of Life Programs Kelly Czyzowicz at kczyzowicz@lambsfarm.org.