Dogwood Garden & Pet Center 
Tuesday – Sunday: 10am to 4pm
Closed Mondays

Wright-Way Rescue and Lambs Farm are dedicated to creating a caring and supportive environment that contributes to the lives of rescue animals, the men and women of Lambs Farm and the community

In 1961, Bob Terese and Corinne Owen opened a small pet shop on Chicago’s State Street. It was like every other small business with one exception; the 12 employees had developmental disabilities. They ultimately decided to create a pet shop due the unconditional love and forgiving nature of animals.

Now over 60 years later, we believe our Co-Founders would be proud knowing we are still carrying out their vision as Lambs Farm participants continue to find meaningful work in what is now our Dogwood Garden & Pet Center and help hundreds of people find their best friend with four paws.

All animals at the Dogwood Garden & Pet Center are listed on our Adoption List below. If you would like to set up a reservation, please send an email to and specify which animal you would like to reserve in the subject line. 

You must be an approved applicant to make a reservation. If you have been approved through Wright-Way Rescue, please make sure you have your confirmation email. If you are not approved, please fill out an application before sending a reservation request. Once we receive your request, a staff member will contact you as soon as possible. Reservations are granted on a first come, first served basis.

Puppy Adoption Fee: $500
All puppies are spayed/neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines 
All puppies are required to go home with a leash and bag of puppy food

We have a wide selection of pet supplies including collars, leashes, bowls, treats and cages.

Adoption List

Availability is subject to change


Dylan              Declan
Boston Terrier Mixes
DOB: 4/1/24


Boston Terrier Mix
DOB: 4/1/24


Weimaraner Mix
DOB: 4/8/24


Shepherd/Spaniel Mix
DOB: 4/15/24


Australian Shepherd Mixes
DOB: 4/19/24


Beagle Mix
DOB: 4/5/24


German Shepherd Mix
DOB: 3/19/24




In 2021, the Dogwood Garden & Pet Center took in two cats, Sugar Mama and Keke, after their original owners could no longer care for them. 

Over the last two years, staff have noticed that both cats are becoming weary of crowds and other animals. Although Sugar Mama and Keke will be missed dearly, staff know it is in their best interest to find a forever home where they will feel happy and comfortable.

We would love to see Sugar Mama and Keke stay together, but they can be adopted separately. They are indoor cats only. 

Meet the Cats!


Keke is a 7  year old calico domestic shorthair. If there is one word that describes Keke, it’s vocal! She responds to her name and is known for being a big lap cat but only on her terms. When she is in the mood, Keke loves being the center of attention and getting belly rubs. She is currently on joint medication and has seen a vet for weight loss. 

Keke needs a patient and experienced adopter who does not have any other pets or young children.

Sugar Mama is a loud and proud 7 year old tortoiseshell domestic shorthair. Once she warms up to someone, she enjoys lounging in laps and is open to belly rubs. Sugar Mama is an experienced hunter and loves being up high! Sugar Mama would do best with a tall cat tree or loft, as she is used to climbing in the Pet Center barn.

Sugar Mama needs to be the only pet in her new home with no young children.