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Dogwood Garden & Pet Center Wish List

In 1961, Co-Founders Bob Terese and Corinne Owen were determined to start a business where adults with developmental disabilities could thrive. They ultimately decided to create a pet shop due the unconditional love and forgiving nature of animals.

Today, our Pet Center helps hundreds of rescue animals find their forever homes and continues to be a great employment option for our participants. Items purchased will provide our adoptable puppies, kittens and resident birds with extra enrichment.

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Enrichment Center Wish List

Participants in our Enrichment Center, a program for retired individuals, engage in a variety of activities that focus on strength, mobility and cognitive abilities. Items purchased will be used for crafts, games, etc.

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Farmyard Wish List

Lambs Farm is proud to house over 300 animals, all with their own names, personalities and stories. Items purchased will help cover the cost of food, veterinary care and enrichment for our Farmyard friends.

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Quest Program Wish List

Lambs Farm’s Quest & Fine Arts programs offer life enrichment classes for participants to pursue their personal goals. Classes range from a variety of topics such as crafts, baking, bowling, computers, horseback riding and travel. Items purchased will be used for additional games and activities.

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Recreation Program Wish List

The Recreation program helps participants lead a healthy lifestyle through exercise and teamwork. Items purchased will help participants have fun and grow on their wellness journeys.

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