Annual Reports

2021 • Perspectives
There is no question that the pandemic turned our world upside down, just like everyone else. Everything we came to know about Lambs Farm quickly changed and we had to be ready to tackle anything that came our way. It has not been an easy road, but our residents and staff worked hard to think outside the box and see opportunity in every challenge.… Download PDF

2020 • Heroes Among Us
2020 Annual Report, Heroes Among Us – It has been a difficult time for all, but Lambs Farm has found the strength to persevere and endure in spite of this year’s overwhelming obstacles. Our amazing staff have come together to do whatever it takes to keep our residents safe and healthy, while the men and women of Lambs Farm continue to teach us to enjoy the simple things in life and see the light in times of darkness.… Download PDF

2019 • Growing Together
2019 Annual Report, Growing Together – At Lambs Farm, we continue to plant new seeds to help the men and women of Lambs Farm lead fulfilling lives. Through the many opportunities available, they create friendships that last a lifetime, celebrate achievements with their family, thank volunteers for their support and build strong bonds with staff… Download PDF

2018 • Choices
2018 Annual Report, Choices – At Lambs Farm, we offer people with developmental disabilities what they deserve – a life full of independence, meaning and productivity through choices. Choices allow individuals to meet new people, enjoy new adventures and be who they truly are … Download PDF

2017 • Lives to Live
2017 Annual Report, Lives to Live – At Lambs Farm, we see people with developmental disabilities who they truly are – individuals who deserve proper guidance, loving support and the opportunity to pursue their strengths and abilities… Download PDF

2016 • Growing Stronger
2016 Annual Report, Growing Stronger – Not a day goes by that we are not inspired and motivated by the growth in the men and women of Lambs Farm. Every person has their own story of growth, a story filled with personal achievement and a lot of enthusiasm, passion, focus, and hard work… Download PDF


Helping people with developmental disabilities lead productive, happy lives and connecting with the human spirit in us all.

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