Residential Services

Lambs Farm’s residential program provides a nurturing environment for our participants while fostering self-reliance. We offer a variety of housing options, both on campus and in the community, to better meet each individual’s needs.

Campus Group Homes

Residents of our nine campus group homes learn community living skills in a supportive environment. With staff support, housemates share meal preparation and housekeeping responsibilities.

Individual Apartments

The W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone Apartment Building features individual apartment units complete with kitchen, living area and bedroom for those who prefer more independent living at Lambs Farm.

Intermediate Care Facility

The Green-Field Residence provides retirement-specific activities promoting wellness and an active lifestyle. Staff members are available 24 hours a day to provide the level of care required by each resident.

Community Residences

Located in surrounding towns, Lambs Farm’s community residences are home for those looking for a more independent lifestyle off campus. Residents in these homes receive regular staff support and have access to all Lambs Farm services.

Case Management

Each participant who lives at Lambs Farm has a case manager. Each case manager meets the state and federal requirements for a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) as well as DSP and medication certification. The case manager assists the participant to identify, plan and achieve their chosen outcomes. The case manager oversees implementation, monitoring and revision of outcomes based services in accordance to the state and federal guidelines. The case manager acts as the liaison with guardians, families, ISCs and other outside resources.

Nutrition Services

Nutrition services are available to all participants. Lambs Farm places an emphasis on better-for-you foods, beverages and snack choices. Seasonal menus are provided by our own in house dietitian in all the residential areas to ensure a variety of wholesome foods to support good health.

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