Ed, Olga and JJ Rogan Tribute Garden

Designed as a lasting way to honor or memorialize family or friends, the Tribute Garden serves as a wonderful option to pay tribute to those who have made a difference in our lives. It is also a place where visitors can grow, enriched by sharing experiences with the men and women of Lambs Farm while gaining a better understanding of and appreciation for people with developmental disabilities.

View Tribute Garden brochure and donation form for more information.

To purchase a naming opportunity, please contact Director of Development Mary McGonigel at 847.990.3733.

Naming Opportunities

Donors can be prominently and appropriately recognized within the Garden as follows:

Title Sponsor – SOLD

This beautiful Garden, offering a place of both tranquility and enjoyment for Participants and visitors, will be named according to your wishes.

Terrace Seating Area – $150,000

The Terrace will be a lovely setting overlooking the Garden and Lambs Lake for both planned and impromptu gatherings. A place for chatting or enjoying a good book.

North Entrance – SOLD

The north entrance will welcome guests embarking on a voyage as they enter the Garden through a luxurious area of ornamental grass.

Greensward and Pergola – $100,000

This prominent and natural transition highlighted by an innovative pergola blends the surrounding areas of the Tribute Garden and offers a commanding view of Lambs Lake and fountain.

South Entrance – $75,000 – SOLD

A more private entrance is framed by an elegant allee of trees encouraging Lambs’ Participants and visitors to cross its threshold.

The Seatwall and Berm – $50,000

This attractive area offers Lannon Stone seating amidst beautiful vegetation and a view of Lambs Lake. The natural stone ties the wall into nature as the wall “grows” out of the berm.

Sensory Garden Fountain – SOLD

This beautiful fountain creates an oasis within the Sensory Garden and enhances the sensory experience of sight and sound for all visitors.

The Picnic Grove – $35,000

A perfect spot for picnics and other casual gatherings with both shaded and sun-filled areas to enjoy. The shaded areas will be dramatized by heritage trees, while the sun provides a dancing view of the Wildflower Meadow as you gaze onto Lambs Lake.

Terrace Seating Area Fountain – SOLD

This bubbling water feature provides the perfect backdrop of motion and sound for planned or casual social gatherings in The Terrace Seating Area.

Wildflower Meadow – SOLD

This ever-changing riot of colorful wildflowers banking the north side of Lambs Lake will provide a natural barrier to land and water.

Rose Garden Overlook – SOLD

Overlooking Lambs Lake, the rose garden creates a naturally spectacular, colorful backdrop to the Terrace Seating Area.

Sensory Garden Planting – $15,000

A celebration of the plant world! This garden allows visitors and Participants to view plants through the senses: sound, smell, touch and sight!

Specific plants and flowers will have butterflies gathering in this beautiful area.

Tribute Wall – $2,500 – $10,000

This compelling wall provides a pronounced place to acknowledge prominent Tribute Garden contributors.
$10,000 Level One
$7,500 Level Two
$5,000 Level Three
$2,500 Level Four

Contributor Pathways – $500 – $1,000

Engraved bricks create a pathway at the North Entrance that provides a beautiful way to enter the Tribute Garden while acknowledging contributors at various donation levels.
$1,000 12”x12” brick (9 lines, 28 characters per line)
$750 6”x12” brick (5 lines, 28 characters per line)
$500 6”x6” brick (5 lines, 15 characters per line)
(Logo, artwork and text that exceeds lines or characters per line will be handled on an individual basis)

Benches – SOLD

Throughout the beautiful landscape and along the Garden path, attractive benches will be placed for visitors to relax and enjoy the serenity of the Garden.

Sculptural Seating – SOLD

Unique and whimsical sculptural seating for visitors will be placed throughout the Garden and open lawns.

Terrace Bistro Seating – $5,000

Within The Terrace and beside our lovely Lambs Lake, tables and chairs with umbrellas will encourage Participants and visitors alike to take pleasure in the view from Lambs Farm.

Boulders, Birdfeeders, Planters – $2,500 each

Placed throughout the Garden, boulders to rest on, cheerful birdfeeders and colorful planters will be available for visitors (and birds!) to enjoy and offer character to the overall Garden.

Ginkgo Biloba – SOLD

Prized for their autumn foliage, the Gingko Biloba is a unique species of tree with no close living relatives and is known for its medicinal purposes.

Techny Arborvitae (7 needed) – $1,750

Techny Arborvitae tree can be pruned into hedges for an excellent screen or windbreak, and can protect more tender plants from chilling winter winds.

Pear Tree – SOLD

A beautiful white flowering tree, the Pear tree will provide generous shade for visitors.

Quaking Aspen Tree (3 needed) – $1,500

Sometimes referred to as the Trembling Aspen because their leaves tremble in a light breeze, the Quaking Aspen will be a wonderful addition to the garden for its texture, shade and sound.

Maple Tree (12 needed) – $1,500

The Maple tree is one of the largest and more important of the hardwoods. Sap from the trunks of maple trees is used to make maple syrup. Maple leaves also turn bright colors in autumn, contributing to spectacular fall foliage.

Serviceberry Tree (1 needed) – $750

Offering interest in every season, the Serviceberry tree will delight visitors year-round with beautiful white flowers in Spring, edible berries in summer and a striking visual show of colors in the Fall.

Cornus Mas Plant (1 needed) – $750

This flowering ornamental plant is a member of the Dogwood family and is sure to enhance our garden with a yellow Spring flower and fruit that birds love in the Fall.

Crabapple Tree (1 needed) – $750

Crabapples are among a select group of trees that provides four seasons of pleasure to the eye.

36″ Judd’s Viburnum (18 needed) – $500

An outstanding, fragrant shrub for carefree landscapes that blends well into the mixed shrub border for seasonal interest.

36″ Shrubs (38 needed) – $500

These hearty garden essentials will help to create distinct areas within the Tribute Garden.

Red Chokeberry (8 needed) – $500

This delicious shrub has it all! Fruit for the birds, nectar for insects, cover for wildlife and multi-season beauty.

Upright Yew (5 needed) – $500

Offering a unique appearance, Yews are interesting plants that have they been cultivated for thousands of years and are among the oldest living trees.

Large Spreading Yew (11 needed) – $500

Offering a unique appearance, Yews are interesting plants that have they been cultivated for thousands of years and are among the oldest living trees.