In the fall of 2018, Highland Middle School students chose Lambs Farm as their school-wide charity of the year. By the time school let out for summer in May, they managed to raise an impressive $8,743 for the men and women of Lambs Farm.

Students worked together to brainstorm ideas to raise funds. They hosted donut sales before school, sold candy grams for Valentine’s Day, planned a school dance and thought of enticing raffle prizes.

As neighbors in the community, Highland Middle School took every opportunity possible to involve Participants in their events. They invited them to their talent show, school assemblies and theater performances. Students also visited Lambs Farm to better understand our mission, learn the rich history and to see the many opportunities available for Participants. They spent time with rescue puppies, learned about the animals at the Farmyard, made sensory creations with the men and women in the Enrichment Center and packaged cookies in the bakery.

We are so thankful for Highland Middle School’s hard work, kindness and support for Lambs Farm. Their generous gift was used to purchase a brand new speaker system for the Farmyard and a sublimation printer. The new printer has been used to make a wide array of customizable items including adorable animal totes, Farmyard friend magnets and personalized goat collars.