Have you ever noticed the tall Muffler Man & Giant Cow right off I-94, or when you walk through the entrance of our Farmyard? You cannot miss them! Paul Bunyan, standing at 21 feet high, right next to Bessie the Cow, has been part of Lambs Farm Farmyard since 1997. These statues are made out of fiberglass and there are multiple statues like these all over the United States. 

Over the years, the statues have seen some better days. That’s where one of our volunteers comes in. Joe Marks has been volunteering in the Farmyard as an animal keeper for the past year. Joe is retired and grew up on a farm. One day, he brought his granddaughter to Lambs Farm for a visit and has been volunteering his time every week since then. 

One day in May, he decided that he wanted to help restore Paul & Bessie, as they were looking in need of some TLC. Graciously, Joe donated all materials, supplies and time to restore both Paul Bunyan and Bessie, by hand. He began scrubbing the statues, bondo filled some open areas on the statues, washed and sanded them down. Then it was time to prime. Joe said it took one full gallon of primer for Bessie. 

From start to finish, this project took Joe two and a half weeks to complete, by himself. He borrowed a 15 foot ladder to get to the very top of the statues. With Paul Bunyan coming in at 21 feet tall, you can only use your imagination to see how Joe got to the top!

Lambs Farm is very grateful for our volunteers. We thank you, Joe, for your time, dedication and donation to Lambs Farm for restoring Paul and Bessie. Next time you visit the Farm, or pass by on I-94, please check out the updated restoration on Paul & Bessie!