Our Farmyard friends have been enjoying all kinds of special treats from the community!

In the fall, the Farmyard began accepting pumpkin, corn stalk and hay bale donations. Animals like pigs, cows, tortoises, goats and sheep love snacking on pulp, while the birds and chinchillas enjoy pecking away at the seeds and stems. By the end of November, the Farmyard received over 1,000 pumpkins!

After the holiday season ended, the Farmyard continued its tradition of accepting Christmas tree donations. Joseph the camel looks forward to this time of year the most — he absolutely loves munching on the branches and brushing up against the trees. Animal Keepers take several videos

and photos of all the animals stomping out of excitement and using the trees as an enrichment toy. The videos and photos are then shared on our

Facebook page so viewers can see just how much our Farmyard friends appreciate their donations.

The animals kept feeling the love as we hosted a new virtual event, Send a Valentine to a Farmyard Friend. Supporters were able to send a heart-shaped treat or rose to the animal of their choice and watch as the Farmyard staff delievered the valentines via Facebook Live.

We are thankful for all the support for our Farmyard friends. The animals and staff look forward to welcoming guests back to the Farmyard when we reopen for the 2021 season in April!