Libby, a Lambs Farm Participant since 1969, has a true passion for painting. Her early introduction to colors made her a huge fan of all things art.

From the time Libby could pick up a brush, she worked on paint by numbers with her mother and spent hours precisely filling the outlines of her coloring book. As Libby grew, so did her excitement for art. She took art classes any chance she could and dabbled in both oil and watercolor paint techniques. Art has always been an outlet for Libby to express herself without being limited by disabilities.

Libby has cerebral palsy and seizure disorder. She underwent two major surgeries to remove the entire left side of her brain to control the seizures, but it did not affect her artistic abilities in the slightest. This was no surprise to Libby – she has exceeded the expectations of doctors and teachers throughout her entire life. “I believe in myself,” Libby said. “Nothing can stop me from doing what I love.”

Libby draws inspiration from landscapes and the photos she takes when traveling. In fact, she views her paintings as little snapshots of her most cherished memories. Libby enjoys bringing her creativity to life at her arts and crafts table and sharing her paintings with the people she loves. She has gifted her family and friends with lovely portraits and several of her finest paintings hang in her Community Home for her housemates to admire.

To Libby, art is more than a hobby. It’s a communication of feelings, self-expression and a true gift. Libby is proud to have three of her beautiful floral watercolor paintings in the silent auction at this year’s annual gala: Harvesting the Spirit Downtown on the Farm. She hopes you will proudly decorate your home with her works of art and think of the men and women of Lambs Farm every time you walk by.