“We miss George at the Magnolia Café & Bakery,” Participants Sari and Tom said. “He was a fun guy to work with.”

George, a Lambs Farm Participant, is now a retired man. He took on janitorial duties at the restaurant for 21 years. George loved spending his work days sweeping the patio, being a dishwasher and keeping the building spick and span.

Many Participants decide to try new jobs from time to time in the many Lambs Farm businesses, but George’s heart stayed in the Café. He chose to spend his career in a place he loved and enjoyed time with his co-workers, who turned into dear friends.

“We love George’s hardworking attitude,” Magnolia Café & Bakery manager, Elaine Bock said. “Even as George aged, he was determined to complete his tasks.”

Though George loved his job, he is truly enjoying retirement at our Enrichment Center, one of the programs Lambs Farm offers to ensure Participants have enjoyable and productive retirement years. He has already discovered that he’s a big fan of group outings, especially to the Jelly Belly Factory. He continues to use his customer service skills as a Coffee Clutch assistant and works on a variety of arts and crafts projects.

“I think I deserved to retire,” George said. “I’m happy.”