Our carousel, a historic icon at Lambs Farm since 1996, is a source of great
fun for our visitors and a special job opportunity for our residents. And now, it’s getting a much-deserved restoration.

The beloved attraction features 16 “jumpers” – horses with all four hooves
off the ground. As with anything enjoyed by so many, the horses had started to show their age. To breathe new life into them, Lambs Farm engaged Lisa Parr, a carousel-restoration expert known for her work on some of the most beautiful antique carousels in the country, to provide direction to Lambs Farm volunteers.

This past fall, horses from the carousel were removed and the project
started. The restoration process is meticulous: old paint is removed,
damages repaired, the body sanded to a usable surface and two coats of
primer are applied. Then the special paint is applied in stages as work is
done on the horse so that no two areas of wet paint ever touch. From start to finish, each unique horse takes a Lambs Farm volunteer over 60 hours to complete!

Our dedicated volunteers have put so much work into these beauties, and
we are so excited to showcase the new and improved horses this spring!

Pictured below: the stunning transformation of just one of the jumpers!