When you visit the Dogwood Garden & Pet Center, there’s a good chance that Brian, a Lambs Farm Participant, will greet you with a big smile.

Brian has worked in the Pet Center for an impressive 25 years, and he truly loves his job. He spends his work days keeping the store spotless and giving love to every puppy who stays at Lambs Farm until they find their forever home. “Dogs make me happy,” Brian said. “They’re my favorite part about my job.”

Brian creates bonds with the puppies, but he is ecstatic when families leave with one of his buddies in their arms. In fact, Brian enjoys helping customers through the adoption process.

In August, Kelly Fojtik and her family adopted their Labrador Retriever Mix, Leia, who is now Clover. “Brian said Leia (Clover) was the best dog and to get her,” Kelly said. “We are so grateful to him and will always remember that he steered us towards her.”

Clover is grateful, too. She loves her new family and is always the life of the party. The Fojtik’s look forward to all the future memories with Clover by their side. “We will always care well for her and think fondly of Lambs Farm,” Kelly said.

The enthusiasm, attitude and joy Brian brings to the Dogwood Garden & Pet Center is what our Co-Founders envisioned when they opened the original Pet Shop on State Street in 1961. They would be incredibly proud.