We are counting down the days until the Farmyard opens for the 2023 season on Friday, April 7!

During the winter months, animal keepers have been taking care of our 300+ animals and brainstorming even more fun and innovative ideas for our guests to enjoy this season. After many successful Members Only Nights in 2022, staff are excited to host three exclusive events for season membership holders again, allowing guests to get some extra one-on-one time with their favorite Farmyard friends. This season, Members Only Nights are scheduled for June 6, July 11 and August 1 from 6pm to 8pm. You can purchase a season membership at the Farmyard or by visiting our online store.

As animals patiently wait to greet guests again, they have been staying busy snacking on donated Christmas trees and posing for photo shoots. In January, we had a very special visit from talented commercial animal photographer, Michelle Russ. Rocky the White Park cow calf, Aflac the Pekin duck, Ryan Gosling the Toulouse goose, Morris the Desert Painted sheep, Albie the Suffolk sheep and Levi the American miniature horse were in the spotlight and proved to be amazing models.

Our dedicated animal keepers were there to support and monitor the comfort of each animal. They gave them lots of treats and head scratches, making it a fun and enjoyable experience for all.