The men and women of Lambs Farm have choices in every aspect of their lives, including employment. Eli, a Lambs Farm Participant, hadn’t found the right fit for him just yet. That was until he was presented with a unique opportunity.
Eli was partaking in activities in the gym when Brooke, Quest manager at Lambs Farm, asked Eli if he would be willing to help put labels on cookie and chocolate bags. The holiday season is an exceptionally busy time for all at Lambs Farm, but especially for the Sugar Maple Country Store & Bakery.
Staff and Participants work diligently to fulfill orders for hundreds of individuals and corporations across the country through our virtual catalog in just a couple of months. This requires a lot of teamwork, and staff from other departments step in to help when they are able.
Eli was reluctant at first, as it isn’t always easy to try something new. However, after taking time to think about it, he decided that he wanted to attempt the labeling project. He took on the new task with a positive attitude and was a quick learner.
With encouragement from Brooke and his friends, his accuracy improved more and more each day.
After seeing Eli’s progress first-hand, Brooke thought Eli was ready to expand his skills even further. His next task was to learn how to weigh, seal and package products. Eli was open-minded to these new challenges and thoroughly enjoyed the process. Before he knew it, Eli became the go-to guy for getting supplies and was willing to help out with any task.
By the end of the season, Eli realized he didn’t want to only assist the Sugar Maple Country Store & Bakery staff during the holidays, he wanted to work there full-time. Eli expressed his interest in the job and ended up being offered a position. We are so proud of Eli for having the courage to try something new, which led him in finding a job that is a great fit for him. Eli continues to develop skills at work and invites you to support him and his fellow Participant bakers!