Pig Pig


    The Farmyard manager fell in love with Pig Pig, the runt of her litter, the moment she laid eyes on her. She hand-raised the little piglet and the two connected quickly in fact, Pig Pig followed her new mommy everywhere! Before they knew it, the little piglet was potty-trained, fully grown and ready to officially move to the Farmyard. Animal Keepers continued to spoil Pig Pig, and she earned her name “Princess Pig Pig” in no time. She lives up to her reputation by being the pickiest eater at the Farmyard and will only eat apples, carrots or watermelon. Pig Pig does not get along with other pigs, so she hangs out in her very own day pen and enjoys spending quality time with her Animal Keepers. With your sponsorship, you can help us spoil Pig Pig!

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