Joseph the Dromedary camel is hands down the most recognizable face at the Farmyard! He originally came to Lambs Farm for camel rides on the weekends but had to go into retirement when he developed arthritis. Joseph did not like giving up any attention, so his handlers asked Animal Keepers if he could move into the Farmyard, where they knew he would get the love he deserved. It was no surprise when Joseph quickly became one of the most popular animal among guests. He is a true gentleman who loves cuddling and being groomed. Joseph always has to look good because he is asked to be in parades from time to time and has even made a television appearance! By giving a sponsorship today, you can let Joseph know how special he truly is!

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    • Personalized sponsorship certificate
    • Joseph magnet
    • Farmyard tote
    • Free family visit to the Farmyard
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