Vocational Services

Since beginning as a small pet shop in 1961, Lambs Farm was focused on providing Participants with meaningful work experiences. We offer job training, support and placement services for those looking for employment both on our campus and in the community.

Campus Employment
The businesses on the Lambs Farm campus serve as vocational training sites for our Participants. They are designed to teach skills that are transferable to the business community or other industry settings. Our businesses offer employment and training in areas such as food service, customer service, shipping and receiving, retail operations, animal care and food production. In addition, positions are available in areas such as clerical, janitorial and grounds keeping by working in Lambs Farm’s administrative office and Facility Management Department.

Community Employment
Community employment provides many rewarding opportunities for our Participants to work independently or as part of a multi-person supported enclave. Those seeking individual placement receive assistance as needed through the entire hiring process including application, interview and training. Participants working as part of an enclave receive ongoing training and support from a dedicated on-site job coach.

Lambs Industries
Located near the Lambs Farm campus, Lambs Industries provides vocational opportunities to individuals who need a supportive work environment. Workers undertake subcontract jobs such as assembly, packing, sorting, mail services and more.

For information on contracting with Lambs Industries, click here.

Enrichment Center
For our men and women who can no longer endure the rigors of daily employment or have reached the typical age of retirement but want to remain active, Lambs Farm offers a non-work day program. With a leisure-driven agenda, Participants engage in a variety of activities such as ‘coffee clutch’, current events discussions, arts and crafts, community trips, as well as yoga, walking and other forms of exercise that encourage increasing strength and mobility. All of our activities are designed to help individuals maintain their cognitive abilities and have enjoyable and productive retirement years.

Commuter Option
Services are available to people living in the community, for vocational, recreation and leisure programs. Contact us for more information.


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