Winter FAQ

Where do the animals go during the winter?
They stay at Lambs Farm! All of our Farmyard friends are permanent residents. The cold-intolerant animals move to more heated areas and the tortoises come inside the Discovery Center. The younger and older animals go in the Pig Barn, and animal keepers wrap the Birdhouse in thick plastic to keep the wind out for our feathered friends. Barns are bedded with warm, cozy straw and areas are fortified to keep them nice and toasty. Our barns often stay 20 – 30 degrees warmer than the outside temperatures, ensuring that even during the coldest temperatures, our animals are safe and warm!

How do the animals stay warm?
Most large outdoor animals at the Farmyard keep themselves warm by using their thick winter coats. In the fall, the outdoor animals grow long winter coats that fluff up to retain heat. Some of the senior animals get extra help by being brought to warmer barns or wearing blankets to stay extra snuggly. Animal keepers also feed the animals extra hay rations to stimulate digestion which keeps their core temperatures up. The breakdown of the fibrous hay ferments and creates heat in the animal’s digestive system, warming them from the inside out! The Farmyard’s automatic waterers deliver fresh, warm water 24/7 and animal keepers add special, animal-safe water heaters to areas that don’t have automatic waterers to give everyone optimal hydration during the winter months.

What about holidays?
Our Farmyard friends celebrate holidays with their animal keepers! Our animal keepers work every day to take care of the animals, including holidays. Our animal keepers treat our animals like family, so working on the holidays is no big deal! Staff have morning and evening shifts to feed and care for their Farmyard friends. The two shifts ensure that everyone still has quality time with their human loved ones. Animal keepers make sure to give special treats to their beloved animals during the holiday season!

When will you open again?
The Farmyard will open for the 2024 season in April! In the meantime, be sure to visit the other businesses that are open year round! You can still come out and support our mission by visiting our Magnolia Cafe & Bakery, Dogwood Garden & Pet Center, Cedar Chest Thrift Shop and Sugar Maple Country Store!

Have another question about our animals in the off-season?
Send Farmyard Manager Katie an email at!