Custom Animal Paintings
All paintings are created on a medium size canvas (8×10)

Our dedicated animal keepers offer interesting and challenging enrichment activities to our Farmyard friends on a daily basis. Animals who choose to become artists use their own special technique to create unique masterpieces while enjoying the feeling and sight of animal-safe paint.

When you purchase a custom animal painting, you will receive a one-of-a-kind piece of art while supporting the animals that call the Farmyard home!

Please fill out the form below to begin your custom painting order. Farmyard staff will contact you to confirm your order and obtain credit card information. You will receive order updates via email. Please note that custom paintings may take up to 14 days to complete.

Custom paintings (8×10 canvas) are $29.95 each.

Custom Painting Order Form

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Meet our Animal Artists!

Albie the Suffolk x Katahdin sheep

As resident artist of the Farmyard, Albie is down to paint no matter the time of day.

Dill, Dazzle & Dolly the Indian Runner ducks

This cute little trio of feathered friends make some great paintings with their feet.

Carlos the Bearded dragon

An energetic guy who loves the color red!

Dodger the Red Wattle pig

Food is this man’s love language. Snack time gets Dodger ready for paint time.

Henry the Welsh pony

Despite being a shy guy, Henry can make quite the masterpiece, especially when there’s food involved.

Joseph the Dromedary camel

A farmyard favorite! This popular guy is ready to make you a Joseph original.

Leonard the Leopard gecko

Leonard loves to sleep under his rock cave, but he will come out if you order a painting.

Lotion & Loofah the Ringneck doves

This social duo loves hanging with animal keepers and making pretty paintings.

Pidge the Alpine goat

Pidge may be a goat, but she is an experienced artist and mom to Rocky the White Park cow.

Pike the Argentine tegu

When he’s not digging in the mud, Pike goes on walks (yes, he’s leash-trained) in search of a canvas to paint on.

Pistachio the Russian tortoise

A beloved tortoise who loves exploring the Farmyard to get inspiration for his next art project.

Pocket the American Miniature horse

The most outgoing horse at the Farmyard will gladly make you a one-of-a-kind painting.

Poot the LaMancha goat

Poot the Petting Area supervisor uses painting as a creative outlet.

Shakespeare the Mirco Serama chicken

This little chicken makes big, gorgeous paintings!

Skillet the Oberhasli goat

The way to this guy’s heart is snuggles, food and being a chosen artist.

Tito the Nigerian Dwarf goat

Tito thinks everything is food, but it makes for a unique painting!

Valentine the Angora goat

Often mistaken for a sheep with his long curly hair, this shy guy has a huge heart and artistic talents.

Virgil the Green iguana

Virgil spends her days in the sun, climbing on animal keepers and making masterpieces.

Wendy Sue the Mangalitsa pig

When this little lady isn’t napping in her wallow, she’s creating beautiful artwork.