The COVID-19 outbreak has been a difficult time for all, but Lambs Farm staff have been able to adapt to many changes. They continue to work together as a team, stay positive and use universal precautions to keep the men and women of Lambs Farm safe and healthy.

When the crisis began, staff members whose jobs were considered non-essential started working in the residential homes to assist with daily tasks like cooking and cleaning and to help provide the best care possible for our Participants.

The dedication of all of the staff to the individuals we support has made the hard times easier as we navigate through the challenges caused by the pandemic.

Participants found it difficult to adjust to a new schedule without work, classes or sports, but they have done surprisingly well and are finding new joys every day with their housemates and staff.

They have been keeping busy with plenty of crafts, games and other donations from our Amazon Wish List, a progam that was created by The Lambs Farm Family Group.

The list was also shared on our social media outlets and has become a fun opportunity for individuals to show their support for the men and women of Lambs Farm. Since the stay-at-home order started in March, we have received over 375 items from the Wish List from donors across the country. Amazon packages continue to arrive daily at our Administration Building.

Volunteer groups, businesses and individuals have also shown their support by sending protective equipment supplies. Chicago Cares sent 150 pairs of safety gloves and Astellas Pharma donated over 200 thermometers. Our neighbors at North Shore Distillery sent a generous supply of hand sanitizer and several individuals made quality masks for staff.

We are grateful for the unwavering support we have received during this time. As the pandemic drones on, Lambs Farm continues to adhere to all safety guidelines to keep Participants safe and healthy.

Though we don’t know what the future holds at this point, we do know that we will get through the challenges together. We look forward to the day when we can safely reopen and welcome our friends back to Lambs Farm.