October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month! We proudly celebrate our participants all year long, but this month we are excited to spread awareness and share some outstanding accomplishments. 


Meet Jessica

Jessica is an employee at the Magnolia Cafe & Bakery at Lambs Farm. Jessica takes great pride in her job as a busser and keeps the restaurant spick and span.

Since starting her position, Jessica has stepped out of her comfort zone. We are so proud of her for building up the courage to try new things, which has allowed her to gain confidence, learn new skills and grow both personally and professionally. 

Jessica hopes you will visit the Cafe soon. There’s a good chance you will be greeted with that million dollar smile! 

Meet Matt

As someone who holds three jobs, Matt is one busy guy. He works part-time at the Dogwood Garden & Pet Center and spends his days cleaning the cages, feeding and caring for our rescue puppies as they patiently wait to find their forever homes. When time allows, he also pops into the Cedar Chest Thrift Shop to assist with collecting and sorting donations. 

If Matt’s not on campus, you can probably find him at Home Depot. He loves his job in the community and feels right at home in the Garden Center. Matt tends to the plants, keeps the aisle neat and tidy and helps customers find what they need. Winter is Matt’s favorite time of year, as he enjoys the hustle and bustle of Black Friday and the duties that come along with Christmas tree season. 

In his free time, Matt runs his own landscaping business. He offers fall clean up, lawn mowing and watering services to his family, friends and neighbors.

Matt is passionate, ambitious and always ready to learn!

Meet Sari

Sari is a dedicated employee at Tamarisk NorthShore. Her role involves organizing silverware, setting tables and assisting with other tasks in and out of the kitchen. Through her work, Sari has forged new friendships. She enjoys striking up conversations with her coworkers, meeting residents and making others smile.

From the application to the interview, Sari gained confidence in every stage of her employment journey. She loves working in the community, and we are so proud of her determination, courage and hard work.


Meet Dave

Dave started working at the Sugar Maple Country Store & Bakery in 1998. In his impressive 25 years on the job, he has learned important life skills that he uses both in and out of the production room. Dave loves working with his friends and is a firm believer that teamwork makes the dream work.

If there’s a task to be done, Dave is there to help. He is a pro at assembling boxes and is always ready to mix ingredients, sprinkle cookies, enrobe chocolates or make jams. As he carefully packages gifts for shipping, Dave beams with pride knowing that the products he helped create will be enjoyed by customers across the country.