“I just feel very proud,” Laura said as tears gently streamed down her face after sharing her accomplishments since becoming a Lambs Farm Participant in 1980.

In the time Laura has called Lambs Farm home, she has grown in all aspects of her life. She loves competing in Special Olympic sports, donating to those in need and being a caring friend. Laura feels appreciated, supported and happy at Lambs Farm, especially at work. She is a dedicated Magnolia Café & Bakery employee and believes the responsibilities she holds at the restaurant help her develop a wide range of life skills and independence.

Laura cleans tables, hosts, keeps the restrooms spotless and is part of the Lambs Express delivery team. And recently, a new duty was added to Laura’s tasks.

She is in the process of learning the new Point of Sale (POS) system, and she’s the first Participant to take on the role. Laura is currently in the training process and is catching on quickly. She knows how to sign in, collect money, handle credit cards and give change back to customers. Her next goal is to learn how to take and put orders into the system.

Laura is excited to explore this opportunity with staff by her side, the people she loves to be around every day. “Laura wears her heart on her sleeve and is very skilled and bright,” Elaine Bock, manager of the Magnolia Bakery and Café, said. “In the long term, we are confident that she will be able to handle the system as her everyday job.”

After she masters the POS system, Laura wants to keep developing new skills. She looks forward to learning how to use the grill in the future.