Fox 32 News made a special trip to the Farmyard on January 5 to get the lowdown on Christmas tree donations. 

The news station reached out after seeing the adorable video of Joseph the Dromedary Camel stomping and rubbing against a tree on Facebook. The video went live on January 2 and by the next day, it had a whopping 15,000 views – a new record for our social media outlets! 

In the live interview, Farmyard Manager Jodi Miller explained how Christmas trees help the animals. Some animals enjoy munching on the branches, while others find joy in using it as an enrichment toy. The texture and smell of the trees is also a special treat for the animals because of the unique feeling they experience when brushing up against them.

The Farmyard also accepts wreaths which are mostly used to create perches and enrichment toys for the many chickens and birds at the Farmyard. Jodi also advised viewers that donations 

can only be given to the Farmyard if the trees and wreaths are free of sprays and decorations. 

The interview also allowed Jodi to share the mission of Lambs Farm and the history behind Christmas tree donations. Many years ago, the Farmyard used to have a Christmas tree lot and would give the leftovers to the animals. When the lot closed, staff started bringing their trees to the Farmyard and it eventually became open to the public. 

The Christmas tree donations continue to grow each year, and our Farmyard friends couldn’t be happier! If you would like to see the interview or check out the video of Joseph the Camel, visit our Facebook page. There is no deadline for donations, so if you are looking to recycle your own tree, the Farmyard is the place to do it.