After 15 years, a special club formed by a common interest and fate continues to offer Lambs Farm Participants the opportunity to grow, experience fulfillment and create special memories.

Jeanne Curtin, the admirable volunteer and club coordinator, can hardly believe its been well over a decade since her Elvis lunchbox grabbed the attention of Participants at Jewel and paved the way to the establishment of Lambs Farm’s Elvis Club.“It all just seemed to come together, everything fell into place,” Jeanne said.

After hundreds of meetings filled with movies, peanut butter and banana sandwiches and everything Elvis, as well as two trips to Memphis and Graceland, Jeanne planned a one-of-a-kind celebration for the club’s special anniversary.

On November 1, staff and Participants were invited to see Elvis tribute artist Travis Morris put on a live show. The gym was packed with excitement and anticipation. As soon as the hit song “Hound Dog” blared from the speakers, the basketball court was instantly converted into a dance floor.

Elvis took requests, played classics and handed the microphone off to club members for a chance to belt out their favorite songs. Participants were in awe of the tribute artist’s musical talents and his striking resemblance to the King himself. “This was really awesome,” Jerry, long time Elvis fan and club member, said. “I sang some of my favorite songs and had a great time.”

In between songs, the club took a break from hip-swiveling and show-stopping dance moves to acknowledge club members birthdays, enjoy refreshments and to reflect on 15 wonderful years together. “I love seeing everyone be themselves and have fun,” Jeanne said. “It’s amazing how this group has expanded and how connected everyone is.”

As the songs kept playing, it was clear that nobody wanted the show to end. Club members and Elvis got lost in the music, and the show was extended by a half hour. It’s safe to say the celebration was a huge hit.

Jeanne said it went better than she ever imagined and that the celebration will consume her thoughts for weeks. In her time as a volunteer, she has been honored for her gracious and life-changing efforts for the men and women of Lambs Farm. While she appreciates the acknowledgements, she firmly believes that she needs to give credit where it’s due.“We would be nothing without our members,” she said. “They make the biggest difference.”