As #DevelopmentalDisabilitiesMonth comes to a close, we want to share the story of Lambs Farm Participant, Wayne! 
Wayne has been at Lambs Farm since 2009. He loves caring for the puppies at the Dogwood Garden & Pet Center but felt he was ready to try working in the community.
Wayne likes being active at work and staying busy, so when he found out about a Lot Associate opening at Home Depot, he thought it could be a great fit. After applying, Wayne was excited to move on to the interview process. He prepared for the big day with assistance from Chris Woods, manager of Community Services at Lambs Farm. He went into the interview with confidence and met Jenna Kielp, Associate Support Department Supervisor at Home Depot. Jenna loved Wayne’s enthusiasm and thought he would be the perfect addition to the store.
Since starting his new role, Wayne has taken on several tasks. He helps customers load heavy items into their vehicles, makes sure the lots stay clean and takes great pride in organizing the carts in the store. He recently started spending more time in the Lumber Department, where he has learned how to become a spotter for lift equipment drivers. This is a very important role, as he uses spotter flags to keep customers safe and away from the action. His next goal is to become more efficient when using the computers and phones in the store. We know he is ready for the challenge!
Wayne’s boss, Jenna, knows she can count on him. In his first couple months on the job, Wayne has proven to be a team player and is constantly seeking out tasks rather than waiting to be told what to do. He loves making small talk with his co-workers and greeting customers. Wayne never lets his disabilities stop him from growing and learning. 
We are so proud of Wayne and his accomplishments at his new job. He also still gets his puppy fix, as he continues to work part-time at the Dogwood Garden & Pet Center. Next time you see him, be sure to say hello!