Wholesale Opportunities

Be it a Lambs Farm product, private labeling or co-packing, your recipe or one of ours, we are confident you will find our products and service to be of the highest quality.

Retailing Opportunities
All of our products are made at Lambs Farm and delivered fresh to your stores. Custom orders are available to fit your needs.

Private Labeling
We produce a wide variety of products including jams, gourmet pasta sauces, salsa, bread dipping oils, chocolates, baked goods and more. Many of our satisfied customers have found our products to be a great addition to their existing product lines.

We have numerous co-packing arrangements in place, producing custom recipes including bread-dipping oils, salsa, salad dressing, and dry-mix soups and rubs.

To find out more information or if you have a business concept you’d like to explore, please contact Elizabeth Taylor, sales manager, 847.990.3706 or email.


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