Staff Member Cherie leads a Zumba class on January 26!

Lambs Farm Participants are gearing up for “Just Dance,” the Wellness Center theme for 2017. Participants love dancing and the plan is to bolster that love by incorporating more dance classes throughout the week. Participants who opt to join a dance class can earn Healthy Lambs exercise credit toward prizes. Dancing is a legitimate form of aerobic and anaerobic exercise if done at a moderate to vigorous intensity. It promotes flexibility, strength and balance while the music also inspires and encourages people to be creative.

The plan is to offer more dance classes for Participants in the morning, after work and throughout the year via our monthly Wellness series. Wellness Manager, Kreig Alm, hopes to bring in some dance troupes performances and instructors to lead Participants in a variety of dancing styles. Dancing is both appropriate and adaptable for all of the Participants, so we are very excited about the year ahead!