From its beginning, Lambs Farm has been a place where people grow – not just the men and women we serve, but also the thousands of people who have visited over the years.

RoganMembers of the Rogan family are among those whose lives have been impacted by their experiences at Lambs Farm. For years, Ed Rogan and his family visited Lambs Farm. He frequently brought his parents for lunch on their way to visit a close relative in a nearby hospital. Those lunches turned into many family holiday celebrations at the Lambs Farm restaurant, a tradition that spanned generations and included many members of his family.

For years, Ed searched for an appropriate way to honor his parents and other late relatives. When he read about our new Tribute Garden, he had finally found just the right opportunity – something that was an important part of their lives. So, he became the Title Sponsor of the project that is now called The Rogan Tribute Garden. Their involvement has been a catalyst in reuniting many of their family members throughout the country, and the entire family will be present for the Tribute Garden’s dedication on July 23.

The Rogan Tribute Garden will be something that will enhance the Lambs Farm campus, and make a wonderful addition to be enjoyed by our visitors as well as the men and women we serve. It will also become a perpetual fundraising endeavor to support the life-enriching programming for people with developmental disabilities for which Lambs Farm is known.

A number of the Tribute Garden’s naming opportunities have already been fund since the project was initiated and many remain available starting at $500. They offer a unique way to honor or memorialize friends and family, as has been the case for the Rogan family, and include a wide variety of specific areas, seating, pathways, wall plaques, objects and plants.

View all of the available Tribute Garden naming opportunities!