Bella’s original family rescued her from an auction in 2005. She became a companion to the family’s little girl and the two grew up together and made so many memories together. When the little girl wasn’t so little anymore and went off to college, Bella stayed at home. Bella missed the constant attention, and the family slowly came to the realization that they could no longer give Bella what she needed. The mother of the family reached out to the Farmyard to see if they would be interested in giving Bella a new home. 

Keepers have taken the time to learn Bella and her big, sassy personality! She is a very expressive horse when it comes to her movements in the pasture, but she but also loves to get her daily cuddles from her favorite caretakers. With your sponsorship, you can help Bella continue to grow!

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Personalized sponsorship certificate
  • Bella magnet
  • Farmyard tote
  • Free family visit to the Farmyard
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