Employees at Lambs Farm manage a variety of tasks in preparation for the holiday season. As event planning takes off and catalog orders pile in, busy is one way to describe the environment in the winter months. Lambs Farm relies on the importance of teamwork through the eventful days to ensure customers receive the best experience and top-notch products.

Earlier this week, five Participants worked together to assemble more than 120 candles for the new and refreshing Vanilla Spa Day basket in our Holiday Catalog. The aromatic vanilla scented candles will also be showcased at the 37th Annual Lambs Farm Holiday Lights & Craft Fair.

The Participants started the process by inserting the wick directly into the middle of the jar and placing a stick through the center for it to stay in place. After the wax was safely poured and began to dry, the Participants next task was to make sure the wicks rested entirely in the center, which is crucial for the candles presentation. The jars were then wiped off to look immaculate, and a label sticker on the bottom gave the candles a finished look.

Some Participants have been through the candle-making process before, but for others, it was an exciting opportunity to try something new. Lambs Farm is dedicated to providing productive employment to contribute to the community, and these opportunities exemplify how our organization operates in a manner that helps people grow.

All of the Participants were in agreement that working together to complete an extensive task was fun and a great accomplishment. In a matter of three hours, they managed to make all the candles, clean up and pose proudly next to their finished product.

You can get a head start on your holiday shopping and support the men and women of Lambs Farm today.

The team with their packages of vanilla scented candles.