wellnessAccording to the World Health Organization, wellness is “…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Lambs Farm has embraced this definition with the launch of our new Wellness Center. The goal of this endeavor is to create a comprehensive initiative that fosters an overall wellness culture and utilizes all available resources. At Lambs Farm, wellness includes the sports and activities offered in Recreation, the enrichment and educational elements of Quest and Fine Arts, and the health and & nutrition initiatives of Dietary.

“By collaborating together, our departments will be able to better address the needs of each Participant, young and old,” said Wellness Manager Kreig Alm.

On January 28, Participants, staff, and volunteers celebrated the kickoff of the new Wellness Center in the gymnasium. Everyone was able to participate in fun fitness contests such as a sit and reach test, a shuttle run and raffles while learning about the upcoming wellness initiatives.

As part of the program, each month will feature a wellness theme to educate and inform Participants and staff. Special events will be held and articles will be included in our publications in order to convey a unified message.

“We want the ideas to be integrated into the whole culture of Lambs Farm, so we are also educating the staff each month and encouraging them to sign up to lead an exercise session with the Participants,” said Lambs Farm Dietitian Darlene Holop.

In addition, the continual Healthy Lambs exercise challenges serve as motivating factors to encourage the men and women to stay active. In the month of February, the fitness challenge was to have 50 people exercise each day!wellness_4

A zumba class is also now available for all who are interested and new fitness equipment will be added throughout the year. Our 10 Special Olympics sports will continue to serve as a challenging and competitive component for our Participants.

Each month “Wellness Days,” open to all, will highlight the month’s theme and will focus on specific residences in order to personalize the information. Some themes throughout the year will be: Aging Gracefully, Proper Hydration, Diabetes Awareness and Stress Management.

On February 11, a gymnastics instructor visited our campus to help lead an ability sensitive exercise class for the month’s theme of Sports & Activities. Additionally, Participants were able to take part in a karaoke event that same evening, which allowed them to show off their singing talents.

Because March is National Nutrition Month, our theme will be Nutrition. As part of the activities planned, a Dietitian from Jewel-Osco led an interactive educational session to teach Participants more about healthy eating. Year-round nutrition education will also focus on interactive cooking classes to help Participants learn to prepare meals that meet individual dietary needs.

In addition to the current “Be Well” class, our Dietitian has added a class called “Mission Slimpossible” modeled after Weight Watchers and including food journaling, portion bewell_1control and an overall support system to help achieve wellness goals. Another new offering, “Healthy Adventures,” is designed to take Participants into the community to enjoy wellness related activities such as rock climbing, yoga, indoor bocce and visits to local health food stores.

Our Wellness Center allows Participants to more easily incorporate healthy practices into their everyday lives. From new equipment, to new classes, to special events, it assures that our men and women have the opportunity to experience the highest quality of life no matter their age or disability.

Would you like to donate your expertise and time to make our Wellness Center even better?!  Send us a message to info@lambsfarm.org and we will try to connect your talents with our needs!

This year’s Fun & Fit Family Day 5K Run/2 Mile Walk will benefit the Wellness Center!  Join us for this great event with your friends and family!