Lambs Farm Participant Theater performed Beauty & The Beast September 19th and 20th at the Gorton Community Center in Lake Forest. Many months of studying, practicing lines, learning songs, costume changes and choreographed dances paid off for this cast and crew.

Co-Directors Janine Neumann and Alison Zieroff spent numerous months preparing for this weekend. “I was so proud of the cast this year. They really stepped up by memorizing their lines and knowing when to enter and exit the stage,” Neumann mentioned. “We had a lot of new faces in the cast this year and they really showed their amazing abilities on stage. I could not be more proud of the things they have accomplished this year,” Neumann added

Family and friends were highly entertained by the wonderful performance. Hats off to all those involved as the Participant Theater has added another successful play to their repertoire.

Click here to view pictures from the performances!