This year the Wellness Department is starting off the New Year with a brand new program! “LEAN & GREEN in 2016!” The goal of the new program is not only to get both Participants and Staff exercising again but to also help them focus on eating and drinking healthy.

The new program is pretty straight forward. Each month you pick a goal and can either focus on exercising, eating fruits and vegetables or drinking water. We wanted to come up with goals everyone could achieve and even switch up from month to month. We want as many people on the Farm to be part of it as possible. The goals to choose from are simple… try to exercise three times a week, try to eat at least three fruits and vegetables each day OR try to drink at least three 16oz bottles of water a day.

The standards for these areas are a bit higher but we think these goals are a great place to start and great way to keep people engaged!
Brought to you by Kreig Alm, Wellness Manager &
Darlene Holop, RDN, LD, Wellness Dietitian.