MaggianoswebAs one of our founding tenets, we strive continually to find meaningful employment opportunities for all of the men and women of Lambs Farm. Whether they work in the community, in a Lambs Farm business, in one of our areas on campus, or at Lambs Industries, they all deserve the opportunity to learn new skills and gain a sense of accomplishment.

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This past year we have secured a number of new community jobs for several Participants, Maryvolzweband we continue to make connections with the promise of job placements in the future. Most recently, Maggiano’s has employed seven of our Participants to roll silverware each week at their new Vernon Hills location. Another Participant was hired as a bagger at the new Trader Joe’s in Libertyville, and yet another was hired at Chick-fil-A in Vernon Hills. All are doing well in these new positions!

In addition, through Goodwill Industries, a new Participant began working at the Great Lakes Naval Station, and Sedgebrook, an employer for several years, has hired an additional Lambs Farm Participant.

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We appreciate the support of these companies. Help us spread the word in the community about the hard work and talents of our men and women!

wynnwebAdditionally, Lambs Industries is always looking for opportunities from businesses who can benefit from our packaging and assembly services. This work environment provides meaningul employment for our men and women who have limited vocational skills. Personal service and commitment to quality make us a great source for business production needs.

In 2014 the following new jobs were completed by the 60 Participants who work in the facility: putting plastic sleeves on the back of booklets for American Publishing Co., collating and stuffing envelopes for Phoenix Veteran Print and Abbott Laboratory Employee Credit Union, wiring wood picks to pine cones for Hampshire Farm, assembling hooks and connectors for Visual Pak and Inserting parts in plastic bags for Briggs Healthcare/Health Smart.

If you or someone you know is interested in using Lambs Industries services for future business needs, please contact Procurement Specialist Toni Castillo at 847.295.2121.